About Us

Welcome to Wild Pure Honey: Where Nature Meets Sweetness

To protect the wild bee population while promoting ethical and environmentally friendly beekeeping practices, we must ensure the availability of high-quality organic and the world’s best honey for our loyal customers and community. We not only run a honey business, but we are also beekeepers ourselves. So, we understand and supervise the entire process of harvesting and packing on our own without compromising the purity and quality of our honey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy your taste buds with all the exotic varieties of organic, pure, and raw honey free from preservatives, additives, or chemicals at your doorstep. Our beekeepers work hard to harvest high-quality pure honey because we care for you and your family’s health.

Our Values

Wild Pure Honey is focused on producing honey and, protecting honey bees and making them thrive in the natural environment, especially in District Poonch AJK. We are committed to protecting local wild bee populations, flora, and fauna and preserving the biological diversity of our environment. Through research, education, and environmentally friendly practices, we aim to ensure a healthy population of bees from the whole AJK, especially Rawalakot, Skardu, Gilgit, and Punjab, while providing pure, top-quality honey to every household at their doorstep. 

Our Promise

Our promise is simple: top-notch quality, straight from the hive to your home. 

95% of the honey sold in the market is adulterated or fake. Seeing innocent people buy that fake, impure, and contaminated honey is disheartening. Our goal is to provide our customers with raw and 100 percent pure honey full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes at their doorstep.

My Story

I’ve had a fascination with honey bees since I was a kid. In our region (Tehsil Rawalakot, Dist Poonch AJK), wild honey bees (Apis Cerana or Small Mountain bees) used to build their hives in wall hives, tree cavities, or dangerous rocks located high in the mountains, sparking my curiosity. So, I started researching online about these fascinating creatures and ultimately fell in love with the buzz of bees, and I couldn’t resist turning this fascination into a hobby. 

But here’s the thing – people needed to learn how to handle bees properly in our area. Sometimes, they’d harvest honey at the wrong time or collect all the honey, leaving nothing for the poor bees to feed on. Then, the bee colony either had to relocate to a remote area or end up dead when there was no flowering season. It was heartbreaking to see. So, I took it upon myself to teach my fellow villagers about beekeeping. It made a big difference – not only for the people but also for the bee population, which increased significantly over the years in the District Poonch AJK.

All of this got rolling back in 2017, and recently, I and fellow beekeeper friends have set up an online support group to help new beekeepers and honey hunters and introduce them to modern beekeeping techniques to save Apis Cerana (Indigenous Asian Honey Bee), where about 150 local beekeepers from AJK and Pakistan are on board. We’re like a little community, helping each other as much as possible. Our goal is to help local bees survive and, at the same time, provide pure honey to people. We harvest unique herbal honey from Rawalakot and the surrounding mountains with very high medicinal value in October-November. Still, its harvest is minimal because of the cold weather conditions here. Extra effort is required to obtain this honey in limited quantities.

Due to our cold weather and low honey production, we teamed up with beekeepers from other regions like Neelam Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Skardu, and Punjab to offer a variety of pure honey. The AJK government has not financially or morally supported the local beekeepers, so we’re trying to learn and grow independently. We want to promote local organic honey through our store, helping them grow and get established.

Why Wild Pure Honey  

  • Wild Pure Honey only offers 100% pure and raw honey that contains no chemicals or preservatives, ensuring all the honey’s enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are intact.
  • Our trusted and verified beekeepers follow ethical and eco-friendly practices, ensuring the well-being of bees and the environment.
  • We offer exceptional varieties like Kashmir Herbal Desi Honey, Sidr Honey, Robinia Honey, Comb Honey, Russian Olive Honey, and Orange Blossom Honey.
  • Our beekeeping practices and conservation efforts align with ethical and ecological values.
  • Your decision is more than just honey; it is about supporting a cause, preserving nature, and enjoying a tasty treat.