Get 100% Natural, Organic and Pure Honey in Pakistan at your doorstep Now

Wild Pure Honey offers yummy and healthy honey that is:

  • 100% Natural
  • Raw and Organic
  • Full of Vitamins and Minerals 
  • Packed with Enzymes & Antibiotics
  •  Comes Straight from the beehives

Raw Honey Pakistan

How daily consumption of raw honey can improve your health and fitness?

Recent research shows that eating raw honey can improve blood sugar levels and lower bad cholesterol when consumed with a healthy diet.
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Sidr Honey
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About Us

We provide you with the best raw honey

To protect the wild bee population while promoting ethical and environmentally friendly beekeeping practices, we must ensure the availability of high-quality organic and the world’s best honey for our loyal customers and community. We not only run a honey business, but we are also beekeepers ourselves.

Why Choose Us

The best and tasty honey you will ever find!

We love keeping honeybees and really appreciate the sweet gift of nature they produce. So we strive hard to bring the honey to your table in the most purest state. i.e: Straight from the beehives

100% Natural and Organic

All our honey are natural, organic and without any chemical or heat treatments. So, all the enzymes, mineral and vitamins in it are safe.

High Quality

We only harvest well-matured (Rippen) honey and then filter it through multiple cloth meshes to separate any leftover wax and pollen particles. However, our honey is raw so it may have tiny wax and pollen particles adding to its overall nutrition and taste.

Home Delivery Service

We are offering home dilivery in all cities of Pakistan wiith Cash on Dilivery services.

Affordable Price

We understand that buying expensive honey can be hard on pocket so we try our best to sell honey at affordable rates without compromising on its quality.

Beekeeper pulling a frame of natural honey from the beehive

Honey Benefit

Why our honey is the best honey in Pakistan?

We are 100% sure that our honey is the best honey in Pakistan because we do not heat, pasteurize or treat honey with chemical to prolong its shelf life like the majority of the brands do. We harvest the honey from the bees, filter it through the mesh cloth to remove any bees, pollen, and wax particles from it and then pack it in 100% natural and raw form. So, all the natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other bio elements in our honey stay safe giving you all the gifted benefits of the honey.

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
Natural Sweetner


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